Heroes don't fly

Story Behind The Song

Story about my dad. We have had our differences, but my sisters have always seen dad as a hero. Wrote this for them with the thought that they are the one singing. They deserve a song like this to say what they think, but cannot write.

Song Description

Being young your dad may have been your first hero and you you thought he was the smartest, strongest, most loving person that could ever be. Time changes everyone, but good memories survive the test of time. Picture how important it was to learn, grow, and look back on the lessons of life. Imagine looking back, triggered by a photograph a carousel of pictures flash in your mind. A transisiiton from student to teacher and how we unconsciously use what we've experienced as a guide for what we do.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Poignant, Moving
Subject Hero, Hope Similar Artists Randy Travis, Alana Jackson
Language English Era 2000 and later


The old photograph
In a box folded in half
Me and him
Goin' fishin'
Catch held high
My Eyes open wide
Grinin' so proud
I was 10 feet tall and looking down

Heroes don't fly
They do what's right
Catch you if you fall
They're there through it all
Teach you to be strong
To leave a light on
Even when they're gone
The lessons live on.

I had to sit down
With this memory I found
Felt the touch of a long time ago
His hand on my shoulder
Time flew by
Taught me to drive
Told me when it was time

Repeat Chorus

Now it's my mind
Seein' through his eyes
Hearin' his voice
My hero set the bar high
Like a little kid
It all came back again
Songs on my birthday
Smell of aftershave
Learnin' how to live
Good feelin' that comes from givin'

Repeat Chorus

Yes even when they're gone their lessons live on

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Paul Reidy
Producer Paul Reidy
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