Give it to you

Story Behind The Song

Been married for a long time and want to say how much in love I am

Song Description

Expressing the love, intimacy, in a way that many will enjoy, empathize, and sing along with. I try to write what I feel inside and the overwhelming feelings that result. The power, pleasure, and joy of love.

Song Length 3:15 Genre Classical - Romantic, Pop - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Engaging Subject Love a Married Person, Loving Marriage
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Give it to you"


Lyin' here with you

A million thoughts rush though

Time love deepens

Skin soft and warm a sweet caress

Kiss your lips wrap my arms around

Like holding a cloud


You give me wings to fly

And I glide through the sky

Circle 'round the sun

Race across the oceans

A million miles go by

I rest beneath your smile

Wanna throw a lasso 'round the moon

And give it to you


If we dance slow

Music's soft and low

Whisper I love you

You hold me tight

Smile in your eyes

Says take me away

Love that we make

Memory will never fade

Repeat Chorus

½ Chorus

Wanna throw a lasso 'round the moon

And give it to you

From the first piano notes of the intro, I was hooked. I really appreciate a simple and elegant recording with just a few instruments.

Lyrics Paul Reidy Music Molly MacMillan, Michael Wellen, Doug Robinson
Producer Will Russell Performance Mary Bentley
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