Happy time

Song Length 2:20 Genre Pop - Classic, Unique - Unclassified
Lead Vocal Instrumental Mood Joyful, Serene

sounds like a song from Lawrence Welk who I loved. it was a very peaceful and relaxing instrumental.

Well played melody, very easy to remember (it's catchy), can't wait to hear it with lyrics.

Lovely tune, nicely executed. Could be interesting for film or advertising as is. It gives me the impression of a joyful event, by the waterside perhaps? I like the chime in the piano. Reminds me of a French song "Emily".

This was a very pretty instrumental, it had a lot of emotion to it, even without lyrics. It flowed very well and was very relaxing.

This song has a soothing quality. Nice instrumentation and well produced with a rich melody that hold your interest.

Piano instrumental has potential

Nice tune, good melody.

Lyrics Osea Codega Music Osea Codega
Performance Osea Codega
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