Not a Technicolor Dream

Story Behind The Song

This is as traditional a "love song" as a song can be, though I'm not comfortable associating it with that genre. I end up writing this way a lot, simply because it's such a powerful part of my life. The theme is clear: The growing power (and the ups and downs) of an enduring romance.

Song Description

"The track's varied diverse instrumentation offers plenty of contrasting tonal color, the smooth and highly elegant timbral qualities provided by the strings, and their switching between legato and staccato articulations injects the track with a certain melancholic and emotionally charged quality that compliments the equally expressive vocal performances brilliantly, and similarly, with the acoustic guitar parts, the implementation of both arpeggiated and strummed elements really help to provide variety in the way the harmonic progression is conveyed to the listener. As to be expected with a Nathan Totten tune, the vocal performances are very strong and are a perfect match for this style of song, the way the harmonies parts are both layered and handled is excellent and really helps to thicken out the already rich texture considerably. Nathan is also a great wordsmith and the lyrics possess a certain maturity and depth to them that really helps to draw the listener into the song's wonderfully detailed arrangement." -- Radio Airplay

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Relationship, History, Past Similar Artists Hopefully none, aiming for original :)
Language English Era 2000 and later


I thought I knew instantly how our life would be
Even though it was brand new, it felt like history
The kind I'd only seen in movies and on TV
A technicolor dream

And then came reality
And I felt incomplete
Nothing felt close to new
It felt like history
Not like a favorite scene
More like a childhood feeling, a terrifying dream

But as the sun went down each day
Next to me, you filled the empty space
And when the sun comes up tomorrow
Next to me, you'll fill the empty place
Not a technicolor dream, nor something frightening
Something I cannot explain
I can't explain

So I didn't know instantly how our life would be
Now it's far from brand new
It feels like history
The kind I've never seen in movies and on TV, not a technicolor dream

Now in this reality I can feel complete
And until everything renews, this is our history
And as we watch our favorite scenes
And talk about childhood feelings before we fall asleep

The sun goes down each day
And next to me, you fill the empty space
And when the sun comes up tomorrow
Next to me, you'll fill the empty place
Not a technicolor dream, nor something frightening
Something I cannot explain
I can't explain

Love the strings! Great mix.

This is a very interesting love song. It flits between darkness and light and the light wins. Love the references to childhood terrifying dreams and the television scenes. Very unique approach in the lyric writing. The song changes up enough to keep the listener on his/her toes, wondering where this is all going. The vocalist has an absolutely beautiful voice and the harmonies/back up vocals are right on. The instrumentation is stellar; great production and mix. The addition of the strings (cello) was also beautiful. I like the way the relationship brought healing; that was also originally presented.

This song is a great song. It is very in-depth. It is very well arranged and the instrumentation is very good. The vocals sounded very good. I really enjoyed it!!!

Nice work on the writing and overall structure of the song it holds together very well. I really enjoyed the orchestration and vocal harmonies. Well written and well performed.

Lyrics Nathan Totten Music Nathan Totten
Performance Nathan Totten
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