Why Do the Skies Cry ? (MOTS exclusive)

Story Behind The Song

Ambient, ethereal track. Lamentations evoking not only sadness, drama, but also wonders. A intense reflective moment.

Song Description

Ambient, ethereal track. Lamentations evoking not only sadness, drama, but also wonders. A intense reflective moment.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Poignant Subject Loneliness, Sorrow
Similar Artists Mark Isham, Hans Zimmer Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Very well Produced. love the pad Throughout. Nice choice of acoustic piano too. You've really hit the mark on ambient.

First few bars reminded me of Rush's Cygnus X1. Really liked the images this type of music creates. Some wonderful patch sounds that I can only dream of.

Music Thierry Coupey Producer Thierry Coupey
Publisher Thierry Coupey Performance Thierry Coupey
Label Thierry Coupey
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