Stronger (instrumental version)

Story Behind The Song

Started with a piano riff and grew from there. I like to produce rich, warm, 'nice to listen to' tracks that evoke emotion.

Song Description

In my striving to write something for the likes of Christina Aguilera this is the sort of ballad I like to write - I will upload the full vocal version when I'm happy with my vocal performance.

Song Length 4:45 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Poignant, Moving

Really beautiful piece... hypnotic and serine intro with lush backing. I like its movement into the bass and percussion. This section sounds very "lyrical" almost like it's yearning for a vocal/lyric. Nice chord changes in the "b-section". Overall, this is a really nice piece with an air of melancholy thanks to the minor key. Really nice work here.

Beautiful piece and next level sound and melody! Would love to hear more music for ya!
LC Yeam

Excellent piano progressions. Very pleasant.
Good recording.
Some good use of oboe/strings?? Well played and arrangement wise is ok.

Absolutely beautiful... I love it...

I really like the piano and the style of the song.
The bass guitar is nice too

Very pretty piano-driven soundtrack! I like the modulation towards the end of the piece. The blend of instruments really flows well. Nice work!

Great instrumentation! Nice imagery! Good development.

The playing was good

There is a sense of longing or sadness around the beginning of the song, and it is implemented very well to strike an emotional chord. I found the song to be very enjoyable because I was reminded of a game I used to play called Shenmue -- the music in that game is similar to this track. Overall, this is a very emotional song and I can tell you put much effort and devotion into it, so great work on this. All the instruments come together and blend perfectly.

An excellent piece for a movie such as, "Kramer vs Kramer", or some drama. Nice balance of instrumentation.

Excellent work! The part of the song I would call a chorus has really strong alternate chording by piano which I really liked. The modulation up a key towards end was well placed. Very good musicianship! I was hearing this playing while credits were playing out at the end of a movie.

very nice track nice and easy, would be good in a lot of places. recorded well.

This song has a beautiful musical hook that begins with the piano and gently builds into a slow, nice, full groove and finally returns back to just the solitary piano for the ending. There is a comfortable, laid back energy in the song that is very enjoyable to listen to. The recording, mix, and mastering job are pro, all the way. The players are excellent and I am enjoying the real bass tone on the song. It's nice to hear a real bass player sometimes! This is a reflective piece and could be used in a number of different situations for television or film.

Nice strings behind a pensive and meditative piano. Beat sounds very satisfying when it comes in. Nice key change towards the end.

This has a really nice groove. I think it would work well in any number of commercial applications. Very cool guitar solo. Nice work!

Good recording and meaning behind the track

Music Nigel Barrett Producer Nigel Barrett
Performance Nigel Barrett
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