Piano Man

Song Length 2:27 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Lead Vocal Instrumental

I like the rhythmic effect at the front side of this track, almost industrial sounding. The repeating the progression provides a good foundation for the various changes layered over the top. I could see this used in various film /video as a general, nondescript supporting cue. Nice job on this.

I love this one, reminds we of a scene in the movie less then Zero with Robert Downey junior.Then you bring it back in during final credits!It would be aces....

Good idea for a positive feeling, background bed.The hook is good. The bells are nice. Drum beat is adequate.

Mix of instruments compliment this Depeche Mode style piece. Great film material. Could be used in a variety of scenes. Nice work!

Nice Nice..... this bound to find home...

I really like the sounds of your track.
Reminds me of Miami vice stuff. Jan Hammer synthesizer.
Very relaxed and chilled.
Perfect for tv licensing!

I liked it, It seems like perfectly suitable background music, not overdone, and all is recorded and played fine.

I like the sound of the keyboard chords,simple and effective use of the drum machine. It'd be nice with a few other chords to make it more interesting

Great stuff. Quite visual for me. Keep it up.

Nice sound design and interesting intro

Simple. Reminds me of the piano in a Christmas song.

Wow, you have some really unique drums playing here -- a wide variety of kits and instruments. It has a chillout mood and it can spark the imagination easily. I picture this song playing in the background of a scene where someone is driving past a beautiful waterfall and through some gorgeous scenery. This song could definitely be used in the background of various scenes -- perhaps a nature documentary.

Music Nigel Barrett Producer Nigel Barrett
Performance Nigel Barrett
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