Give your Heart To Me

Song Length 4:17 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana


Well there's hell all around you/
Twelve months of the year/
And its twelve hours waiting tables/
But you've spent the whole night in tears/
And for every no good man that you've fallin for/
There's atleast another million or so/
Right outside your door/
And they'll treat you just as poor/
As the one that left and the one before/
But you wouldn't/
Have to cry anymore/
If you'd just/
Give your heart to me. (2x)

Well your paycheck ran out yesterday/
All the booze ran out last night/
And he ran out while you were sleeping/
So I guess love doesn't say good bye/
Right now you're feelin cheated/
All forlorn and ashamed/
But I can't believe that you're so blind/
To think that all men are all the same/
Honey how'd you expect it to go/
When your taste in men hasn't changed/
Well you don't always have to hurst/
And it wouldn't have to cause you/
So much pain/
If you'd just/
Give your heart to me (4x)

I enjoy this style of music. The artist reminds me of Bob Dylan somewhat. "All the booze ran out last night. It ran out while you were sleepin'". This creates a an interesting visual in the mind of the listener. The finger-pick style of the acoustic guitar is very effective here. The song hook, or chorus if you like, is memorable.

I love this little song. Kind of a sad lost cause tune. Liked the way you layed it out there. Keep on keepin' on.

very soothing sound

Strong folk song, along the lines of Townes Van Zandt.

Probably a good song if done right.

Lyrics Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman Music Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
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