Diving In the Deep Blue Sea

Song Description

The singer interacts with undersea animals in an imaginative way. It turns out he's been reading a book. Catchy chorus. This song won third in the children's category of the Unisong International Song Competition in 2003.

Song Length 4:29 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Joyful Subject Ocean, Sea
Similar Artists The Beatles, The Beach Boys Language English


I dance among the dolphins in the shifting light.
I duel a spiny lobster 'til he backs out of sight.
I fly behind a turtle like the tail on a kite
as she heads out from her island nest.

We glide above a pirate ship sunk long ago.
Her coral covered decks enjoy a fashion show
with damsel fish and clown fish flitting to and fro.
It's more dazzling than a treasure chest.

I love going diving in the deep blue sea.
There's an underwater wonderland surrounding me
when I'm diving in the deep blue sea.
Diving in the deep, I just wanna keep on
diving in the deep blue sea!

An octopus and I play hide and seek with a snail.
Our game is interrupted by a humpback whale.
He dives and I dive with him, hanging onto his tail.
We're descending to the deep sea floor.

Down here in the darkness creepy creatures convene,
like luminescent jellies glowing blue and green.
Here's a fish that flashes like a pinball machine.
I'll bet no human's ever seen it before.

That's why... (Repeat Chorus)

What's next? Another descent!
I want to see the tube worms at a hydrothermal vent.
What then? The giant squid!
They've never shared their secrets, but it's time they did.
There's so much ocean to explore,
life on land can seem such a bore.
Oh, please don't make me go ashore!
I just want to keep diving in the deep,
diving in the deep blue sea.

Gradually I'm noticing a voice in my ear.
My mother's calling, "Son it's time for dinner, dear."
I look up to the surface through my scuba gear
and I know my diving day is through.

So I slowly close the cover of my library book.
It's one that's kept me dangling like a fish on a hook.
I'll be angling for a chance to catch another look
'cause it's all about the deep deep blue.

Someday I'll be going... (Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics Monty Harper Music Monty Harper
Producer Monty Harper Publisher Monty Harper Productions
Performance Monty Harper Label Monty Harper Productions
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