Story Behind The Song

Love in the past, then you happen upon the photo and it brings back the memories

Song Description

Looking through old photos that take you back in time and you stop to remember the Memories

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Still Subject Sorrow, Change
Similar Artists Celine Dion Language English


Memories tucked away inside a box
You just happen upon them and the whole world seems to stop
Memories that remind you of long ago
When dreams were pure as the deep white driven snow

Memories of faces in the past
Broken hearts and a love that didn't last
You never thought that broken heart would mend
So you tuck those memories away in that box again


Memories about the things that used to be
Happy faces in the photographs you see
Memories of all the things that could have been
Memories put away in that box again

Guitar solo

Memories of long ago come crashing in
Just close your eyes and put them away
Save those memories for another day
Memories of what could have been
Memories of a broken heart that wouldn't mend

Lyrics Jackie Atkins Music Randy Johnston
Publisher Planet RJ Publishing Label Indie
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