Now That you're Gone

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Father passed

Song Description

The Passing of my Father and the intertwining emotions felt by myself, my mother and my brother

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Father, Other
Similar Artists Garth Brooks Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Now That You're Gone
W/m Mark James Wood c 1992

The love for your father, is hard to explain
Cause it's filled with mixed emotions
There were times when his lessons, fell on deaf ears
But, in the end there importance you could hear

What you gonna do now that he's gone
I'm sure that his memory, will help you stay strong
The wisdom he gave you, is yours to pass on
That's what he'd want you to do, now that he's gone

The love for your husband is hard to explain
Like a jewel with many facets
A partner, a lover, a companion, a friend
A life long commitment, to the end

What you Gonna do now that he's gone
A lifetime of memories will help you stay strong
But, don't live in the past, Momma your life goes on
That's what he'd want you to do, Now that he's gone

Nobody said it'd be easy
Nobody thought it would be
Gotta know that he's held by the hands of the Lord
Believing's what's left for you and me

So as I ponder these questions here before me
I can't help but wonder
If my little girl, the cutest you'd ever saw
Will hold a few memories, of her Grandpa

What am I Gonna do, Now that you're gone
I'll make sure your memory will always stay strong
When she needs me, I'll always be there, like you were for me
Your memory lives on
Daddy, now that you're gone

Lyrics Mark James Wood Music Mark James Wood
Producer John David Publisher Kanu da Gila Music
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