Little Bird

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this on a cold, snowy day in February in Wisconsin. I looked out onto my deck and saw a tiny bird and wondered why it hadn't gone south for the winter.

Song Description

Metaphorical for finding oneself alone in a strange place and feeling lost

Song Length 3:07 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Birds, Healing
Language English


Little bird you have stayed too long
I can hear your crying song
On this winter day

You didn't listen to the breeze
When the leaves were on the trees
You did not obey

How will you survive the frost
Your independence at what cost
You sing all alone

Now that the water's turned to ice
Do you feel your sacrifice
You can't go back home

What made you decide to stay around
Was it time for you to hold your ground
Are you feeling regret
as you watch the sun set
And realize that you are now snowbound

Little bird make it through the night
Start anew with the morning light
Sing out for God's grace

Little bird find your strength to fly
Soar into the great blue sky
Leave this painful place

Little bird

Lyrics Margo Tiedt Music Margo Tiedt
Publisher Margo Tiedt Performance Margo Tiedt
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