Louisiana Nights Coreys

Story Behind The Song

Just a made up song about Louisiana.......

Song Description

Just the love of Louisiana culture, food and music.......

Song Length 3:08 Genre Folk - Cajun
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful Subject Midnight, Night, Falling in Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


"Louisiana Nights"
Marg Sampson & Art & Alton Corey Copyright 2000 (c)

Louisiana Nights..............
Are callin' you..........

1st Verse
There's Mojo magic in Louisiana Soul
Spicy Jambolaya, cooked Creole
You can find your love under a Cajun moon
There's a party going on in this big bayou

2nd Verse
You may only come to visit, but before you know
The arms of the Delta, won't let you go
There's magic in the music, who needs voodoo?
Louisiana Nights will put a spell on you.............

Zydeco's playin', won't cha take my hand
The Moon says take a chance
As the sun comes up, the stars still dance
Sweet Louisiana where you find romance

3rd Verse
Pretty Southern flowers with sweet perfume
Fill the air like Jazz, with a touch of Blues
Even alligators feel that slappin' beat
Seems all Louisiana is on their feet

4th Verse
You may only come to visit , but your heart will stay
Feelin's right at home in a small cafe'
The sun will rise each mornin', to a sky of Southern blue
Louisiana Nights have put a spell on you!

Let your heart lead.....if your feet can't...
Louisiana Nights.....will bring romance
Let the moon and the stars.....still do their dance
Louisiana Nights....are callin' you..............

Confident and polished performance of a very marketable sound. Great vocal and instrumentation, what's not to like. The whole Track shouts professional and Whist this is not my particular genre, I would imagine it doing extremely well if picked up. Thanks, I really enjoyed this.

Really great capture of the delta country. I've never been there, but now I feel like I have. A really good work, both musically and lyrically. At times, I get a bit of a Glen Campbell feel in the vocals.

Upbeat number, with plenty of bounce, about the romantic potential of Louisiana. Country at its best.

WOW, fantastic song all the way!! The recording, production, and instrumentation sound like pro quality to me! The arrangement carries the song perfectly (beautiful fiddle solo). The vocal is excellent....again I would call it totally pro. It all works for me.

Although this song came up under Folk - Cajun, for me its genre is more accurately defined as Cajun Rock, perhaps a never named genre:-). Anyway, this is a very well written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered song and i love it!

I love this song! I was hooked from the first few notes. It's a gift to be able to write a "state song" that is original, fun to listen to and descriptive in a joyful way. This song really makes the listener want to visit Louisiana! The songwriter used so many apropos word pictures and really communicated that Cajun feel, right down to zydeco. I like the lyric about magic in the music (who needs voodoo?) The whole song is fresh, clever, original and super catchy. The instrumentation is excellent; loved the fiddle and the Cajun feel. Vocal is crystal clear; I didn't even need to look at the lyrics.

Very Creole for sure. A little bit of Dr John. Nice piece, Good arrangement

Very cool dude. I'll give you a 5 star for this record. It's to home sweet home to resist the sound of Cajun.

The song is catchy and the lyrics sticks in your head. I can image a long ride in the country with this song blasting. It's a really good two step dance song. I would add this to a party playlist and listen to it often. I believe this song would do well in the Country music market.

Lyrics Marg Sampson, Art, Margie & Alton Corey Music BMI
Publisher Cat Fish Dancin' Performance Buck Swade and a few Nashville Outlaws
Label Here we go again???
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