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Story Behind The Song

Not having had a chance YET to get our music "out there" where it belongs.

Song Description

Just a friendly reminder that there may be more out there than what is served up by the "powers that be." Young people have their ideas shaped by their peers, but also by what's "popular".

Song Length 2:43 Genre Rock - Ska, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Incensed, Revolting Subject Teens, Conformity
Similar Artists No Doubt, The Police Language English
Era 2000 and later


Benzedrine kicking in or is it sugar
Shivering from the sweetness of the hit
Suck it back cause your friends have got it bad
Boys hooked on Ritalin, girls stuck on getting thin
They think they?re fat but then they don?t know why
Who the hell is picking all the songs that kids are singing


Freaking out cause it?s your hand that they are biting
Turn it down, turn it up or turn over
Too late now cause they?ve got you by the hook
Force fed toilet trained, they plant it in your brain
You?ve cut it open but it won?t come out
Who the hell is picking all the songs that kids are singing?


The doctor is gonna pull the plug
The nurse said that you had zero luck
The DJ is sorry you won?t survive
To hear him spin the next Top 5

Pour it on till everybody?s had their fill
Push it through cause we?re falling off to sleep
We?ll take them on until they?ve swallowed their own pills
Not by coincidence they lost the evidence
They bribed the jury and the judge as well
Who the hell is picking all the songs that kids are singing?


Lyrics Girio/Muller Music Girio/Muller
Producer Mitchell Girio Publisher Bloc Notes - Notations
Performance Lo and the Magnetics Label Top 5 Records

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