You Can't Treat A Man Too Good

Story Behind The Song

My mom used to say this phrase to me and I guess it stuck, cause here it is in the title of a song! I remember thinking as a child, well shouldn't ya treat everybody good? Whether or not it's a man or a woman? I started to notice how people gravitated towards others who played "nice", and opposingly, how we move ourselves away from those who come from a negative position. I figured if I wanted to have (or keep) a friend (of any gender), I had to be "nice". So this is a first grade lesson that everyone should live by: Be nice,Play nice, and Nice will come back to you . . . in theory anyway. To summarize, you "get" what you "give".

Song Description

It's all about the groove on this one, written for the feel and the fun; simple chords, simple message: Instructions on how to "keep your man" and remember, you get what you give!

Song Length 4:13 Genre Blues - Modern, Blues - Modern
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Gracious, Amiable Subject Relationship
Similar Artists Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeshi Language English
Era 2000 and later



I HELD OUT for you baby
I couldn't give my love to just any stranger
But I knew you were Mr. Right
And I could love you for the rest of my life
Mama said it's easy for a man to give his heart
Makin' sure you keep it is the hardest part, she said ...
You can't treat a man too good (4X)

GOOD THINGS COME TO those who wait
And I've been waitin' on a slow movin' train
But now I've got you and ooh you're so fine
I'm gonna do what it takes to make sure you stay mine
I'm gonna love you in more ways than one
Whatever it takes, that's what must be done because ...
You can't treat a man too good (4X)

ALL YOU LADIES thinkin' I'm insane
You don't understand the giver's gain
Don't you hold back ... Just try it and see
You've gotta give it on up if /You wanna receive
Make him think he's king of the road
But you're drivin' that car by remote control
You can't treat a man too good (4X)

I been waitin' for ya
(you can't treat a man too good)
And I got you now
You're not gonna get away from me
(you can't treat a man too good)
Listen to what my mama said
Ooh it's a giver's gain
(you can't treat a man too good)
If you're gonna keep your man
(you can't treat a man too good)
You gotta treat him right
Ooh I'm givin' it all up for you baby
(you can't treat a man too good)

© 1990 Linda Mckenzie
Addagirl Music (ASCAP)

Lyrics Linda Mckenzie Music Linda Mckenzie
Producer Linda Mckenzie Publisher Addagirl Music (ASCAP)
Performance Linda Mckenzie Label Addagirl Music
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