Over and Over

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Alternative


(Feb 2004)

Take away all the bells and whistles
Take it all, strip me bare
I don?t know what it is in you that always takes me there
The first time was an aberration
The second, filled with doubt
I?ve tried to make a little sense since then
But it can?t be figured out

Over and over I find myself
Pretending not to think about you
Over and over I curse myself
For giving in the way that I do
I do, over and over

Flattery may entertain you
But it won?t win me any bets
You wouldn?t say how far I?ve got to go
Or just how far I?ll get
And they say that fate is unforgiving
When you put her to the test
And I don?t know what fuels this vanity
Makes me think I?m better than the rest


If I offered you a leg to stand on
Would you be falling to your knees?
I don?t know how much I want from you
But it?s much too much it seems


Lyrics Kimo Pokini Music Kimo Pokini
Producer Mitch Curinga Performance Kimo Pokini
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