Song Length 4:26 Genre Country - Traditional


(Feb 2003)

I?m afraid it?s just not fair
The way you shine, there?s nothing to compare
But I guess that?s fine by me
As long as I help you to see what I already see

You?re my gold, you?re my gold
Of all the precious things in life a man could ever hold
You?re my gold, you?re my gold
The greatest treasure I will ever know
You?re my gold

Yeah, you?ve got that brilliant smile
That I?ve been thinking of and craving all the while
Somewhere at the rainbow?s end
Is where I know I always fall in love with you again


And when the sky forgets its blue
And the world seems cold and gray
You?re the sun that passes through
And lights a brand new day


Lyrics Kimo Pokini Music Kimo Pokini
Producer Mitch Curinga Performance Kimo Pokini
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