(Laurie) Forever

Song Length 4:07 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Exultant, Joyful
Subject God Language English
Era 2000 and later


From the minute time began, my life?s been in Your hands
You?ve never been confused about me or about who I am
Something in my spirit knows and I think I understand
My destiny has never been in the hands of a man

Cause I started this dance with You
And my heart?s still keeping time
Nothing?s cutting in
I remember what I said

Oh God, forever will I worship You my Father
Oh God, forever will I bow before Your throne
Oh God, though there are a thousand words to say,
All I can say;
I am Yours until the end of time

Mistakes are commonplace to me I know that?s nothing new
But no matter what I say or do, you never change your point of view
You see me, as I am each day and never with disdain
Though my rhythm?s to the left sometimes
You always hold my hand

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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