He's Still My Boy

Story Behind The Song

When my nephew was headed to boot camp, my sister in law was struggled with the overwhelming emotions of becoming a military parent. She asked me to write a song for all those parents dealing with this difficult time in their lives.

Song Description

"The best of Detroit Country Music shines through in this relevant and very poignant song from a present day soldier's mother's point of view. 'He's Still My Boy' is a well-written piece of American pie that really hits home. Our heroes give of themselves every day and their families pay just as big of a price and that is what this song is all about. Julianne can sing and she can ever more write a good song. When I read about this on Twitter I downloaded it right away. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!" - Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys

Song Length 4:56 Genre Country - General, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Son, Patriotic
Similar Artists Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood Language English
Era 2000 and later


He's Still My Boy
@2012 Julianne Ankley/Toil and Trouble Music

standin' tall in shiny boots
not a wrinkle in his suit
Looks like he's ready to go
flight takes off at 5 am
he'll head off to some foreign land
when we'll talk again I don't know

He might be a man
to me he's still my boy
he's made a promise to his country
and I understand why
I let go of his hand
So he could aim high
everyone else sees a soldier
to me he's still my boy

We didn't always see eye to eye
I did my best to raise him right
hope that'll serve him well
while back home I'll be here
livin' a mother's kind of hell

today until he comes back home
I'll leave a homelight burnin' on
to help him find his way
faith is what it runs on here
nothin' can keep my fears at bay


He'll behind a babe and wife
they just started their new life
I promised to look after them
so lord if you're not busy,
could you heed this mother's prayer
and watch after him

(but he'll always be my boy)
that soldier is my boy
lord watch over my boy

Lyrics Julianne Ankley Music Julianne Ankley
Producer Nolan Mendenhall Publisher Julianne Ankley/Toil and Trouble Music
Performance Julianne Ankley
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