Song For No One

Song Length 5:46 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


I forgot how humid it gets
and the way my allergies make me feel like shit
that chinese symbol on your arm
how unoriginal can you get
and the words you say last week don't add up
to the way you're acting like I don't exist

It's just some words you said to no one
It's just some things you said to no one

Well your girl seems like a real stick in the mud
and tonight she's got her best bitch face on
but I guess I can't blame her
and I can't say I wouldn't fee the same
if I were in her shoes
She aint Cinderella and the slipper only fits
when hearts are bursting open and yours
has already been ripped don't tell me
you're agry dear when Im the one throwing the fit

This ain't a song you right for no one
this ain't a song you right for no one

And all your friends feel kind of bad for you
becuase you can't get over me
And I know you want to
becuase you told me
but whenever you try to all you wanna
do is hold me
and I wanna be your friend and I dont
ever want you lonely
but now you've gone and pissed me off
don't try to text or call or talk
don't say you're sorry
I don't want your sorry

It's just a song I wrote for no one
it's just a song I wrote for no one
it's just a song I wrote for no one
Ah It's just some stupid song

So goodluck and goodbye
I know we said this way too many times
and tonight while I'm getting high
I'll remember why I left the first time

Part 2:

You're better then him
His jokes arn't that funny
his attitiude's crummy
his voice is too loud
he lays in bed all day
and that's not your style
his mother never liked you
she thinks you're too wild
and Oh what a waste
of my perfect time

You're better the him
his laugh is annoying
and honestly he's boring
his clothes look dumb
his taste in women sucks
except for you my love
and everybody knows
that you're the one that he dreams of
and oh what a waste of my perfect time


You're better then him
Oh it's the truth he doesn't try hard enough
he's no good for you
besides you've been there once
and it's time to go some place new

You're better then him
oh it's no joke
He's lazy and crazy and angry and broke
you're so wild and free love to be alone
So I'll just be alone...

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