Story Behind The Song

Persons or people going through the thoughts of wanting to do something better for society and have a better world.

Song Description

REflective song that touches the soul

Song Length 3:38 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Blues - Country
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Life, Change Similar Artists Jason Mraz, Michael Bolton
Era 2000 and later


Find our Shine
By Jonathan Ditto

Confusion How do I say it, Vulnerability
seems the way we play it ,
stand up now define the times

Thats how we will find our Shine

We will make it speak up time it is now
no need to fake it
some still stand blind or (behind)
changing elements
give me perspective
challenge the questions,
dont you mistake
that answer and stand up right

Confusion --"How do I say it?, Vulnerability seems to be the way we play it. "
Stand up now define the times
That's how we will find our shine

Oh what happens here
spirit says to love
Emotion we make it
together we climb strong
a concert of love
boldness we cant fake it.

Confusion--How Do I say it? Vulnerablity seems to be the way we play it. Stand up now define the times
Thas how we will find, our shine

Lyrics Jonathan Ditto Music Publisher Johnny Diggs Publishing
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