Song Length 4:26 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Peaceful Subject Existence, Life
Similar Artists James Taylor, Dire Straits Language English
Era 2000 and later



She bought Vincents sunflowers
Because she liked the yellow hew
Knocked a nail there in the wall
And hung it up for all to view
For all to view
But it clashed with the curtains
It was no good at all
And it clashed with the cushions
And the paint upon the walls

The trail of destruction
That a hurricane might bring
Started out with butterflies
Butterflies just flapping their wings
Flapping their wings
And we don?t like to admit it
That we just don?t have control
And we?ll push until we fit it
That square peg in that round hole

She?s hanging up new curtains
To frame her garden view
Smiling at the butterflies
With seemingly so very much to do
If only she knew
Everything changes everything
Nothing acts alone
Everyone?s changing everyone
Don?t imagine you?re on your own

When the song started I felt I was out west in the prairie some where sitting by a campfire. Harmonica gave the feeling of lonesome. Filled my ears with great sounds both vocal and background music. Neither one over powered the other. Well done

Fantastic intro.....very atmospheric........great guitar as always.......nice harmonica .....and slide.......

Lyrics J C Evans Music J C Evans
Producer J C Evans Performance J C Evans
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