Pocket Full of Dreams

Story Behind The Song

A true story about a young woman from Idaho answering an ad for a Nanny job in New Jersey.

Song Description

A story about a young girl living on a ranch in the western United States, and being barely old enough to leave home, moves to the east coast by "hopping a ride on a silver bird". Faces numerous trials and tribulations. With a Pocket Full of Dreams, she looks for love and hopes for success. Gets a job, almost marries the wrong guy, finds a guy who sees her as his angel.

Song Length 3:46 Genre Country - General, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing, Content Subject Searching for Love, Airplanes
Language English Era 2000 and later


Pocket Full Of Dreams
(Formerly named Suitcase of Hope)
©1991 JJ Williams/Loft Music

Grew up in the country, in a land where cowboys ride
Rodeos and brandin' parties, couldn't keep her satisfied
Thought about her life and, wondered what to do
So she hopped a ride on a silver bird, and off away she flew.

When she landed, o-o-n the east coast?. She was not more than a child,
Bringing with her was a Suitcase Of Hope,
And a pocket full of dreams?.. And a face filled with smiles

Got a job, in the city, had a taste of what it's like?.
Thought she fell in love once, almost became a wife.
All along it's been a hard road, but ? she never lost her style?.
Sooner or later God's gonna look down and ? make it all worth while.


They say angels come from heaven, but they have no wings to fly?.
They travel just like you and me?. And ride the "Friendly Skies".
My angel came out from the west?.. And landed in my arms.
She opened up her suitcase, and gave me all her charms.

When she landed, o-o-n the east coast?. She was not more than a child,
Bringing with her was a Suitcase Of Hope,
And a pocket full of dreams.. And a face filled with smiles

i liked the fun beat, the lyrics were catchy

PRETTY NICE COUNTRY SONG--I would like to hear this one on country radio!--thanky--NJ--this is such a sweet song!

pleasant, smooth, enjoyable

Lyrics JJ Williams Music JJ Williams
Producer Jersey John Productions Publisher Loft Music Publishing
Performance JJ Williams Label Loft Music Records

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