Here & Now

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This track is a call for all to stop chasing the destination that we believe will make us happy in the future. It's great to have goals and dreams but if we believe that we will only be fulfilled when those things happen in our lives, then our journey will be full of disappointments. That is not to say we don't all have a calling and a purpose to fulfill in our lives. However if we don't stop, quiet our minds & be still in the present moment, we will not be able to hear this calling, which comes from that space. All there ever is, is this present HERE & NOW. At any given moment we can stop and ask ourselves, "Where am I?" We are always "HERE." We can ask, "What time is it?" It is always, "NOW!" Past and future do not exist, except for the thoughts we hold about them in our minds. The only thing we ever really have is the space consciousness that is... right here & now!

Song Length 5:44 Genre Electronic - Dance, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Peaceful Subject Spirituality, Imagination
Language English Era 2000 and later


Here and now, here and now
Here and now, here and now
Here and now, here and now

Here and now, here and now, here and now.

Aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah
Aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah

Listen to the calling
you'll find it everywhere.
Take a breath of silence,
I'm sure you'll find it there
(Here and now, here and now)

Calling, calling, calling
Silence, silence, silence

Here and now, here and now, here and now, here and now.


Calling, silence
Calling everywhere
Silence, find it there
Calling, here and now.

* A polished and sophisticated electronic dance track. It has a really original intro which builds nicely in to the first verse. Great rhythms and use of instruments throughout and lovely chord progressions which is what I really look for in a dance track.

Lyrics Jenny McGregor Music Jenny McGregor
Producer Jenny McGregor Performance Jenny McGregor

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