Ain't Nobody Keeping Score

Song Length 2:57 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Subject Musician
Language English


Ain't Nobody Keeping Score
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker 9-10-2017

It's like a wave moving through the ocean
Changing as it changes me
It's like a heart, looking for emotion
A miner in a minor key

It's just a nerd wearing his black tee shirt
Thumping on a major "E"
Yeah, he's doing what can do
A pentatonic Do Re Mi

--- Chorus ---
Ah troubadour, Play one more
In four-four, por favor
Ain't nobody keeping score
-Instrumental Solo Verse-

-Repeat Chorus-

I just recalled, I'm here to tell a story
A ballad of a prodigy
His momma never called him late for dinner
Now she just calls him "Big D"

He traded in his ball glove for a guitar
Back in 1983
If he sees an Angel in his outfield
It's only on his color TV

-Repeat Chorus-

I liked the kickoff acoustic guitar. The tune was original and had a good structure, instrumentation was clean and well developed. the song had a Neal Young vibe. The bridge gave a nice contrast to the overall tune. The song fit the music. I liked the steel guitar placement in the chorus. The lyric is ok.

Very original story song. Great hook, too! It's totally original.

Great song...... Cool vibe... This os bound to find a home

Great song. loved the harmony and the lyrics...vocal up front and clear....loved it.

Hi Jeff! Me again!! Cool stuff!! I love those kind of lyrics....offbeat but catchy...really fun!! THe music is very hooky....catches the listener's ear! Arrangement and vocal carry the song perfectly! Wonderful job!!

Love the sound of the instrumentation, and how it works with the vocals, I love the string sound in the background. Great lyrics, will definitely like to listen to more from this artist.

This song has a great commercial sound, and I think would fit well in a soundtrack for a film or TV series.

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