Tribute for Tasha (orchestrated)

Story Behind The Song

Thierry has amazing tunes that feel like works of art. When he asked me if I wanted to combine our efforts by adding his orchestration to one of my piano solos, I happily took him up on his offer. "Tribute for Tasha" is my latest solo piece, and I felt it needed "something". Thierry added his magical touch to it!

Song Description

A piece dedicated to the memory of Tasha, a fun-loving, kind, pure love dog, who happened to be a Rottweiler. She has a special place in my heart.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks
Mood Serene Era 2000 and later

Transfers in and out of feelings and tempos smoothly and lets the melody tell its story. When needed to emphasize a segment, other strings are added and at one point an oboe? Maybe and then some percussion to climax the meaning of this story and feelings. It is a complete emotional journey that quietly leads to a soft and slower ending.

Absolutely beautiful compostion and arrangement.

Music Jeana Potthoff (piano) & Thierry Coupey (orchestration) Producer Jeana Potthoff (piano) & Thierry Coupey (orchestration)
Performance Jeana Potthoff (piano) & Thierry Coupey (orchestration)
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