Thank You (Codi's Song)

Story Behind The Song

Mans first love after a long term relationship break up.

Song Description

Man sees woman from across the room, man tells woman how he feels. Nothing comes of it.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Country - Religious, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, On Cloud Nine Subject General, Relationship
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
I've watched you from a distance, you're everything I want. I never dreamed that I could love this way. You're the one I think about, both night and day , and though I might be dreaming, I'd still like to say.

Chorus -
Thank you, I never dreamed that I could love this way, again. Thank you, you have become to me, so much more than a friend. Thank you.

Verse 2 -
I know we both love Jesus, a major commonality. And every time I look at you, He is who I see. I love the way your eyes light up, when I see you smile. And though I tell you all the time, I haven't told you in a while.

To Chorus

Bridge -
And even if we never come to pass, at least I've told you how I feel at last...At last.
To Chorus

Good message and song we need more songs like this around that emulate Thanks and Appreciation!

nice harmonies in Chorus really added to the interest in the listening

Nice job here!! I can hear Brad Paisley singing this

Really pretty song!! Wonderful heartfelt vocal! The melody is nice, the musicianship is solid, and the production pretty good!

It's always good to hear a sweet Christian love song. You can tell the vocalist really means what he is singing. I can hear the passion in his voice. The intro is really pretty and the instrumentation is very nicely done. Somebody put a lot of love and thought into the keys/arrangement.

Lyrics and delivery, and keys, come across as a deep-hearted message. The progression of the story is well done. I like where you go with the bridge, but not sure it goes lyrically.

Lyrics Doug Mayberry Music Doug Mayberry
Producer David Alexander Publisher David Alexander
Performance Doug Mayberry/ David Alexander
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