You Alone

Song Length 5:31 Genre Pop - Religious


You Alone
Words and music by J. Lundeen

Alone in the depths I?m so aware I feel a great despair
Alone in myself without a prayer
I choose to go deeper now can feel the fear its all around me
The weight of my breath the only sound

My eyes transfixed upon can?t see beyond cold icy walls
Afraid to look down for fear I?ll fall
The gathering darkness grows and slowly it consumes my soul
And no one knows how far it goes

It is you alone can save me from this misery
It is you alone my God
Through this raging storm I raise my hands in victory
It is you my God and you alone
It is you my God and you alone

My rope it nears the end and it fills my head with just one thought
That hope in myself is not enough
And then my feet they touch the ground I open up my eyes
Above me rays of glorious light

And all at once I feel the rush that I am not alone
You?re there to carry me back home
Standing strong its in the trials that I understand
That I?ve become a stronger man

Lyrics Jeffrey Lundeen Music Jeffrey Lundeen
Performance The Jaydeans
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