Love Like That

Song Length 4:31 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Alternative


Love Like That
Words and music by J. Lundeen

Everyday it seems I grow a little older
And I know that there?s no going back
All those years you think that I would learn to show you
I just wish I had a love like that
I?d lie awake and wonder
All the ways my life could change
On my own I?m six feet under
Until a love like that came my way

Started today
I?m living this way
With a love like that
Love you
Because I want to
I?ll really love you
With a love like that

When I was younger didn?t think about the hunger
That so many other children had
It wasn?t something that I ever really wondered
Cause I didn?t have a love like that
I spent my time just thinking
I was on the center stage
By myself I?m truly sinking
Until a love like that come my way

Lyrics Jeffrey Lundeen Music Jeffrey Lundeen
Performance The Jaydeans
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