Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Miserable, Heartbreaking Subject Loneliness, Pain
Language English


(verse 1)
Seek me in the morning
Do you have to go out in the world?
You say that you just don?t want me
Have I been so cruel that you can?t see?

(pre-chorus 1)
You took so much time to state your case
With words that slap me in the face
Look in the eyes of love?s embrace--and you?ll find me

(verse 2)
How much do I love you
You could never begin to know the truth
Blood stains on my hands, but
Don?t you know I chose to die for you

(pre-chorus 2)
So what?s your reason to refrain?
You know I?d do it all again
Too much has happen to pretend--you don?t see me

Cause I?m feeling so inclined
To give you peace of mind
But you don?t even have the time--to call

Lyrics Mia Richards Producer Travis Wyrick
Performance Mia Richards;Dave Richards;Stephen Robinson
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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