You're The Best Of Me

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


You're The Best of Me
©2014 Greg Lambert

All the places that I've been
The heartache that I've seen
Looking back, it all seems like a dream

All the promises I made
The things I didn't mean
Broken hearts, jealousy, almost got the best of me

You came into my life
You showed me what love means
When angels look at you they see
The best of me
You're the best of me

All the words I've written down
In my living diary
Can't convey the love we share
And what you mean to me

Your love makes me whole
You make my life complete
Take my hand, take my heart
The the best of me


Every time, and every way
You are now and will always be
The best of Me
You're the best of me


Very passionate and soulful song with ideal instrumentation and arrangement.

I like the melody in the verses. The song could work in country radio as an outside cut. The lyric stays unconnected to hard specifics which makes it an easier song to place. The best of me serves well as a post chorus chant and that leaves the possibility open for giving it a fresh title like, "when angels look at you".

Nice tune. Good mellow vibes!

This song absolutely has market potential. I can imagine this song playing during a major moment in a romantic comedy. It could for sure be on an easy listening radio station as well. The song leaves you in a good space. It's a steady ride from start to finish. Nothing overpowering during the song. Something about it reminds me of Jack Johnson.

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