The Land Of War And Peace

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Americana


The Land of War and Peace
© Greg Lambert 2013

A rider came to the edge of town
He was dying
He was wounded and dying

People came from all around
They were crying
The people were crying

The wind blew in as darkness fell
In the evening
In the dusk of the evening

He fought the fight straight into hell
Now he was leaving
This life he was leaving


Where there's light there's shadow
Where there's sun there's rain
Where there's joy there's suffering
Happiness and pain

Where there's sound there's silence
Capture and release
Trouble and tranquility
In the land of war and peace

A rider came to the edge of town
With a story
He was telling his story

He fought hard for the truth he found
Bound for glory
He was headed for glory


Now that is telling a story Well done....Speaking to that.... I have a song that has been waiting for your believable voice..... The song is called "That Old Trunk"....I would love for you to do it

Good story song. Great for a movie soundtrack. The vocals and guitar are spot on. Guitar musicianship is very good! Almost has a Spanish feel on the guitar solos. Classical. Nicely done!

pretty darn good country story song--great one to do live--a great camp fire song or for rural gathering on a front porch in the country at a farm house--I love this stuff--cheers--joe.

Great song idea, very moved by it

The Land of War & Peace is an Americana western type song that can be improved upon in certain technical areas but, like some songs you have submitted recently, the instrumentation is again very good.
Marketing this type of "In the Land of War & Peace" may require meeting some specifics needs or a specific age group for consumer appeal. The music is good and lyrically is not the best that you've sent to me prior to review but not the worse either. I'm looking forward to more of your songs as we all improve the more we write & review. Don't stop writing and continue stretching your boundaries of compositions of your music as well as lyrical explanations.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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