Stay Tuned For More

Song Length 3:07 Genre Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Randy Newman Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Stay Tuned For More
©2014 Greg Lambert

Things are looking bad in the city
Looking even worse in the country
People screaming on TV
About the way things ought to be
When they don't know

It's a three-ring media circus
The morning show midget is reaching for answers
The one-eyed, two-headed talk show geek
Will attempt to bite off his own neck this week
Stay tuned for more...


Pack up your kids and scram
The news has hit the fan

Things are looking bad in the classroom
Looking even worse on the playground
Teachers breaking all the rules
Just in time for our camera crew
Stay tuned for more...


Pack up your kids and book
Don't take a second look...

The arrangement supports the vocal well. I like having the long sections of instrumental before the vocal verse starts. Nice ending with the big band hits.

Excellent Lyric and cool feel to song

Nice voice, interesting lyrics, nice brass but too low

I loved the instrumentation from the minute I heard it. Good job!

Really cool song!! THere are some great descriptions in the lyrics! The musicianship and production seem solid to me, and you have a natural vocal style which is natural and believable. This is a fun listen.....keeps my interest, mostly because of the very clever lyrics.

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