Song Length 2:39 Genre Unique - Soundtracks



Excellent soundtrack piece

The track started off brilliantly!
The horns come in at good spots to make the soundscape brighter, so that's well done!

I really like your Song! Great composition and arrangement.
Intro and Outro are perfect.

Great piece, just not my style, very original

This is a quality, light-hearted orchestral piece. Perfect for film or tv. The mix of instruments really compliment each other. Nice work!

Nice melody... there were parts of this that I liked a lot. The licks that you put in at the end were great.

The opening reminds me of 'The Magnificent Seven' Elmer Bernstein theme in a way. I like it,the melody is nice and melody is important for me. Very good!

At first I thought it was going to be something like the theme song, "High Chaperalle". It is a very similar feel to it, it would be very good intro to a western to be sure.

Music Greg Lambert Producer Greg Lambert
Performance Greg Lambert
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