Prodigal Son (Instrumental)

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rock - Americana, Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)



Very nice arrangement, with a good musical hook. Expertly performed, recorded, and mixed. I can certainly hear this in a film or TV show.

Good recording, balance-wise. All the instruments are played well, too!

I really liked this instrumental. The performance was excellent as were the mix and recording. Great bluesy tone on the guitar and the playing had a nice touch with dynamics and feel. Something that is lacking more often then not in today's music. I really enjoyed this track and I hope I get to hear and review more of this artists songs.

resaly solid Americana instrumental...i can hear this for some cinematic road movie...wind in your hair, top down....through the desert....
a bit eagle's/jackson brown-ish

Very pleasant and smoothly flowing sound with really good instrumentation and chord changes. I could picture this playing in a movie or TV show while someone is reminiscing times gone by.

Music Greg Lambert
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Clean Clean

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