New Year's Day

Song Length 4:10 Genre Pop - Religious, Folk - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Joy, Spirituality Similar Artists Dan Fogelberg
Language English Era 2000 and later


New Year's Day
© 2014 Greg Lambert

He arrived early Saturday
On a stormy night
By the light of a flashing neon sign
Amid the fireworks and pouring rain
New Year's Day

His dad was recovering, mostly stayed in bed
Momma found some part time work as a maid
Hopes were high as they dreamed about what lay ahead
New Year's Day
New Year's Day

He was born on New Year's Day
In the back seat of a car
The nearest hospital was too far
Tears of joy and cries of pain in that old Chevrolet
New Year's Day
New Year's Day


All the diamonds and all the gold
People stash away
Can't compare to what the future holds
On this New Year's Day

He arrived early Saturday
On a stormy night
Mom and Dad thanked God for their new life
So much joy and happiness in this tiny gift of faith
New Year's Day

A nicely sung and played song indeed.

The song tells a story, it has been put together nicely, I can visualise the whole story, I like the lyrics, I like the subject, original sound, sometimes I think I almost hear hints of the 60's sound. I like the song very much, song flows nicely.

Generally, I loved the verses and the story. I thought the lyrics and melody connected well in the verses. If it was my song, I would work on the dynamics as I was waiting for the song to "kick-in" and it didn't. I like the concept alot and think a strong chorus built around "New Year's Day" would take it to a different level. In the current state, I don't really remember the hook. While I remember the story, I don't really feel there is a memorable hook that pulls me back to the song. With all that said, it is a great story song and do like the concept and delivery of the verses......Love the subtle keyboard sound in the background. Very tasteful. Reminds me of one I programmed years ago. Hope this helps and Happy New Year Greg! I always like your work. Keep at it. Roy

Happy New Year! Wonderful like usual. All the best!

Brilliantly simple arrangement that really works. Great story telling. Just a really good song all round.

Good story-telling.

I did enjoy the feel of this pop 4/4 song "New Year's Day" at 4:10 right from the start with those great musical introduction of guitar strums. Listening intently as I do many times when I get a song to review is only my professional opinion you have remarkably improved over & over each song you send to Pro Reviewers.
The vocalist you paid to sing "New Year's Day" song (I would love to have his name posted on your Broadjam page under male vocal) has an echo vocal effect in the production that is very nice. This effect is leading the listeners forward into the lyrics of the story line.
A great story painted of "New Year's Day" with "hopes were high what laid ahead" where "he was born on New Year's Day"... especially "all the diamonds and the gold" of family life has a great hook "New Year's Day" in a great positive story.
Thank you again for letting me do Pro reviews of another Greg Lambert song. One day I believe your name will be known like other known songwriters if you continue on the path you are traveling ...keeping traveling forward!

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