My Name Is Boodon

Song Length 4:08 Genre Country - Cajun, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


My Name Is Boodon
©2013 Greg Lambert

He stood 6 foot 9, 500 pounds
Used a tree trunk for a cane
He would walk down US 1
Nobody knew his name

He was bleeding from his side
And growling like a bear
He burst through the clinic door
And went into a tear


My name is Boodon... Boodon Gigon
My daddy is Boodon... Boodon Gigon
His daddy is Boodon... Boodon Gigon
That's all you need to know where I come from

They gave Boodon a bunch of forms
About his history
Asked him to show his coverage
And something about Part B

They asked him things he didn't know
About his family tree
And why he wasn't registered
With Social Security


They asked him if he smoked or drank
And stuff about his heart
Things went south when it got around
To the private part

He took his cane and smashed the desk
And said I ain't playing games
The only thing you need to know
Is my family name


Nice short intro leads right into the song. A fairly unique story for sure. I think the opening verse is adequate to draw in the listener. There are some really good visuals in here. The second verse adds some suspense. Then the chorus explains what the man's name is. The instrumentation is very good. (Nice little accent there at "smashed the desk". It is well crafted to support the mood. The recording is clean and clear and the vocal is up front and crystal clear. The singer's voice is good, and matches the mood of the story.

I enjoyed the track. I listen to all genres on a regular basis, and country is in my top two categories. This would be a great song for today's market. It's catchy and you catch yourself singing along. I did not find anything to correct with this track and would add it to the family road trip playlist. Keep up the good work.

Nice clean track

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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