Memories Of Her

Song Length 3:46 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Blake Shelton
Language English Era 2000 and later


Memories of Her
©2014 Greg Lambert

I miss the color of her hair
Against the summer sky
And her skin so fair

I miss the sparkle in her eyes
The way she'd look at me
In the morning light

In the morning light
The morning light

I miss the way she used to sing
And her simple taste in everything
The way she'd hold me through the night
The way she let me know it would be all right
It would be alright
Be alright

I miss the life we had
And the way we were
Now my heart is living in the past
With my memories of her

I miss the color of her hair
Against the summer sky
And her skin so fair

I miss the way it used to be
Just the two of us
Making memories



How I wish she were here
What I'd give to have her near
To me


Instruments sound spectacular and the mix is right on. Very nice.

The guitar tracks really make the song-so sweet! Vocals go nicely with the mood and flavor of the song. Kind of melancholy, nice singing there

I loved that the intro was short and you got right to the song. Your voice was soft and very tender. I loved your country sound, it reminded me of kenny Rogers.

More and more songs by Greg Lambert in the Americana form are great to listen to in whatever you are doing. This is such a touching song ...really good. As I hear this song it would be great to listen to it when you go hiking or camping with friends and then sit around a campfire. I get a good feeling even though it is about memories of someone especially when you want to play it over again. Greg you do a great job singing this too and it brings across a good feeling as if I can see your wonderful heart by the way you sing this composition. Again your demo service is about the best you could have for folk, country, Amerciana music which I would recommend to any songwriter on Broadjam too. Thank you, Greg, for submitting another good one for me to review. God bless and again I look forward to more of your great songs.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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