Killing Time (Instrumental)

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - Classic



Style-wise, reminds me of throwback Doobie Brothers. The band is pretty tight and the demo has potential.

Cool driving rock thing. Stellar guitar tones. Those are outta the park. Slashing and searing white hot rhythm parts and then the skronky solo bit are spot. Nice melody figure. All the parts resolve nicely. A vocal would sit well in this track but then again the guitar shredding should take a backseat no other element.

Good ol' hard rockin song! Liked it. Great electric guitar skills

Catchy instrumental rocker!! To me, the musicianship and production both sound excellent! The groove that repeats is a very good hook. This could make a good song for some kind of advertisement or for a sporting event. The mix is excellent.

Powerful guitar and very nice and creative mix throughout. Never a boring second, as it keeps you on your toes from start to finish.

Totally rockin band with scorching guitar work, very reminiscent of Doobie Brothers around 78, nice.

Music Greg Lambert Performance aerugo productions
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