Every Time You're Near

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Fleetwood Mac Language English
Era 2000 and later


Every Time You're Near
©2014 Greg Lambert

We're embracing
My pulse is racing
When you're near

My heart is pounding
Bells are sounding
It's astounding
When you're near
Every time you're near


I think I'm losing control
Your love is taking a toll
I start to tremble
When you're near
Every time you're near

My toes are tapping
My hands are clapping
I start rapping
When you're near

I get this feeling
My heart is reeling
I'm bouncing off the ceiling
When you're near
Every time you're near




When you're near...it's like fireworks
When you're near...my heart goes berserk
When you're near...I've got hold you


This is a pretty solid recording. The vocals sound really good and clear. The guitars really support the vocals and give the song a lot of dynamics as well. The drums are right in the pocket and really supporting the whole song. I liked the guitar effect used on the little solo break. Really great work on this song.

nice production
solid guitar work
good groove
good dynamics

Nice Springsteen kind of feel to this one Good work

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Performance Phillip Moore / Railroad Trax
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