Can We Love Again (w/ Donovan Tucker)

Song Description

A co-wrote with Donovan Tucker about searching for a "fire we may never find" in a relationship.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists The Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


Can We Love Again
©2014 Greg Lambert / Donovan Tucker

I've been trying to reconcile
How we've managed all this while
As love fades from our hearts

The emptiness we've tried to hide
Hurts too much to be denied
Since we've grown so far apart

Can we love again
Is it too late to have what we had then
No one wins in this game of let's pretend
Can we love again

A taste of love is bittersweet
Have you given up on me
It's not so easy to try and face

Sometimes the hardest thing to do
When the truth is staring back at you
Is look it in the eye, not turn away


People and places
Steal away our precious time
Looking for traces of a fire
That we may never find


Well-written song with a lot of nice instrumentation. The hook is easily recognized and the melody is very effective. Very 90s Country throwback sound.

catchy song with a good chorus singalong , good fills in guitar work and nice clear vocals and the vocal harmonies work well,well done

I really love a song that comes together with lyrics and simple music...vocal was spot on ...clear and up front Your story line was heart felt and made me want to sing long...You did a really good job with this, thanks for the great ride

Great song, great harmonies, vocals and nice story to follow like real songs should all have! Folk or Country? Sounds like it goes great with both. Instrumentation is very nice as well! Good job!

Nice Folk-Country tune! Very enjoyable. Well balanced and a good production as well. Solid story and not forced lyrics. Good to listen to!

Easily flowing and well performed piece with soulful lyrics and really nice arrangement.

I like the hook, the lyrics are good. The instrumentation is also on point. The arrangement is the regular pop song arrangement which is good.
The intro is also lovely.
I like the lead guitar and its role in the mix as well as the acoustic guitars, they are panned well. Nice organ, it compliments the mix well.
Oh then the voice is so good. it suits the kind of style yo singing in.
The theme of the song is also good and so positive.
I love the song.

Lyrics Greg Lambert / Donovan Tucker Music Greg Lambert / Donovan Tucker
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Performance Phillip Moore / Railroad Trax Productions
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