Bad Kitty

Song Length 2:27 Genre Rock - General
Similar Artists Warren Zevon

Decent energy for a demo. It could use more instrumentation to give it some kind of depth.

Basic early rock vibe with interesting lyrics, would sound so much better if it could be filled in a bit. More instrumentation would go a long way to lift this song up to higher level unless of course it was your intention to be a minimalist with your art. In any case I liked the song and concept, thank you for sharing it. All the best to you.

I like the simplicity of the rock arrangement with just drums, guitar and vocals. The lyrics are fun, and the entire "bad kitty" idea is a hook in itself. I could easily hear this song being done by a Joan Jett kind of rock band.

Nice 70's vibe on this song and I would've loved to hear the song go somewhere else.

Love the beat, the guitar is excellent and the production quality is top notch. Great job.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Greg Lambert
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