Back To Yesterday

Song Length 4:14 Genre Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Back to Yesterday
©2013 Greg Lambert

They say you can't go back
Well I don't know if that's a fact
They say what's done is done
It's in the past, just move on
You should just move on

It seems like yesterday
We would laugh our cares away
If I had a time machine
I'd go back to where we've been
Back to where we've been


Let's go back in time
Back when you were mine
Love will find a way
Let's go back
Back to yesterday

They say you can't go home
Well I don't know if that's etched in stone
How about one more try
With a little luck we might fly
Our love just might fly


They say you can't go back
You move on, and that is that
They say what's through is through
We can try to start anew
We can start anew


I think the singer has a fine voice. He is very warm and friendly - with just a touch of sadness in his vocal performance- as is appropriate for the song. It is subtle - which is should be. Plus the arrangement is very good and again - fits the mood of a love lost.I have listened to the song twice now.

This is class A really fantastic songwriting. The theme is love lost: Let's go back to yesterday. The writer sticks to the theme and chooses each word expertly to fit the tune and theme. It's beautifully sparse and simple, which makes the song easy to follow and understand. Guitar/mandolin accompaniment is simply perfect for this song. The vocal performance is honest, strong, and believable. It's the kind of voice you want to hear again and again. There is some really clever rhyming throughout, but my favorite was home/etched in stone.

Very marketable number, good vibe and hook

like the mandolin parts, the lyric's work with the melody

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!--great rural/ mountain music--I LOVE IT!--good one to play LIVE!--thanxs--joe.----I can almost see heaven in this song--the mandolin gives this one a great feeling/touch!

Excellent arrangement/musicianship/recording

It has a good setup for the hook and I really like the bluegrass sound of the song. Reminds me of Union Station (that's a good thing). Very good job!

With the demographics in the population of the world today, this song might reach a lot of listeners with the "Back to Yesterday" positive's wise concept. With the lilting sound of excellent (flat picking) guitar work the music keeps the vocals on track to deliver a quotable lyric line or two. One of my favorites is "They say you can't go home. Well I don't know if that's etched in stone". I think after listening to this song that B2Y leaves a good feeling of hope which the world needs.
Thank you, Greg, for letting me hear [as I was intently focused on your song] to discover another good one you've sent to me for review. Continue doing good work songwriting. Continue making great demos like masters which you have the knowledge to know they are meant to be anytime they are put up for review before they are sent to market, and I look forward to hearing more.

a clean, clear, crisp guitar and mandolin diddy... I really like it. Sort of a croce meets fobelberg ride. well done.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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