I'll Leave the Light on

Story Behind The Song

Song about letting a lover go and hoping they find their way back

Song Length 4:09 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Moving Subject Sadness
Similar Artists Bread, The Carpenters Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I'll leave the light on

Sometimes you gotta roam
Search to find a home
before you realize home is what you left behind

I've tried to make it clear
How much I want you here
But there's an answer there that only you can find

I can see the longing in your hungry, restless soul
I see it in your eyes, you need to go

I'll leave the light on
I'll leave the key beneath beneath the mat
Should you ever choose the road that leads you back
You've set your sights on
Brighter lights and bigger dreams
But that world out there ain't always what it seems
But then again fate might have just one more ace up its sleeve
Waiting for someone like you who believes
If you wake one day and find the dream is gone
I will be waiting
I'll leave the light on

You know I love you so
I won't ask you not to go
And leave you wondering about the things you might have missed
So baby don't look back
Find the things you lack
And take the journey now on which your heart insists

Leave no stone unturned, no road left unexplored
That little voice inside can't be ignored

But, I'll leave the light on..

I think this is a lovely song, which deserves to be heard by a wide audience, and would, I suggest, have wide appeal. The vocal delivery is fresh, honest and communicative. It sounds sincere and heartfelt. The diction and articulation of the lyrics are fine, and the melody suits the emotional framework of the song precisely. The use of the major mode for what is, I think, an essentially sad song.... is she really coming back, I wonder?....is clever and effective.

I thought the song is excellent. I love the lyrics the music fit perfectly with the lyric. Interesting chords in the beginning. Very ;ow key production which worked very well with the song as the lyrics were very clear and understandable.

Another nice one Greg!

This has a nice Hall Mark Sunday night movie feel to it! It would work perfectly in a film, where the stars of the script , somehow drift apart, but are brought back together again for some plot driven reason like in most of their films! I am being some what facetious, but this tune really would be perfect for this theatrical scenario....
Try to reach out to the Hall Mark film department!! Good Luck!!! Do very much enjoy the tune!!

What a beautiful love song. Love giving the beloved the freedom to search and then come home. Beautiful theme, expertly communicated in this poignant piece. The lyrics are smooth, heartfelt, and original. This songwriter aims straight for the heart and hits a bullseye. Word pictures are great (light on, key under the mat). Great rhyme: Missed/insist. Simple production suits song well.

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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