No One Gives A Dam , Live on TD1 Radio

Song Description

A song about the world today from my eyes.

Song Length 4:36 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Poignant Subject Earth, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


City lights are burning
while the world is turning
no one gives a dam

the old man is dying,
i hear the baby's crying
while the wars are raging on & on & on..

But no one gives a dam,
I am the man i am
The Letters that you wrote to me
Are just distant, distant memories
& the flood back to me every time that we pass in the street
Because love is at war , i am on losing terms once again
Do you feel what i feel, & you can't take - that away from me
There is no way of believing, these are deceiving, in dark shadows of your mind

City Lights still burning
& the worlds still turns
& still no one give a dam

The old man is gone now
& the babys a boy now
& wars still rage on
No one seems to care,
Words that tear, the seams apart
Theres just no way of believing
All these things, you find so hard to say
But what it all come down too my friend
Is the way, the way we live our lives

Hoping and praying , & the edges are fraying as they lye in my hands
You'll get through tomorrow, with no pain & no sorrow, put your head in the sand
Raise your hands in the air, show that you care, together we can fight
A sence of frustration, falls on our nation, the curtains coming down

City lights still burning
& the world's still turning
& still no one gives a dam
The old man is dying
I hear he babies crying
Another war is raging on

No one gives a dam, I am the man i am
Think about your tomorrow
When all your dreams, are coming true
When all your dreams, are coming true

Oh & dreams, they do come true
Oh dreams they do come true

Lyrics George Kennedy Music George Kennedy
Producer George Kennedy Publisher George Kennedy
Performance George Kennedy
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