Welcome Home, Soldier

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to write a song that would honor all of our servicemen and women who have sacrificed all or part of their lives in the service of their fellow American citizens. They do so much to protect our precious freedom. This is to acknowledge the sacrifices made by their families, as well. Thank you, all who have served.

Song Description

This is a song of thanks and gratitude to our servicemen and women who have given all or part of their lives to protect our nation and the freedom we all enjoy.

Song Length 3:08 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Sociable Subject Freedom, Gratitude
Similar Artists Annie Lennox, Bonnie Raitt Language English
Era 2000 and later


Welcome Home, Soldier ©2009 David W. Folsom

Husband or Father,
Daughter or son
Sister or brother or wife
Your strength and your courage
Are second to none
For us, you've risked losing your life

Welcome Home, Soldier
Welcome Home, Friend
We cherish the freedom
You help to defend
Welcome Home, Soldier
You're not alone
Your Nation's behind you
Welcome back home

We'd like to thank you
For all that you've done
Defending the freedom we love
We pray for our soldiers
Who haven't come home
God, watch over them from above

Welcome Home, Soldier
Welcome Home, Friend
We cherish the freedom
You help to defend
Welcome Home, Soldier
You're not alone
Your Nation's behind you
Welcome back home

Your Family awaits you
With arms open wide
We honor the wounded
And those who have died
God bless the families
Of those who gave all
Thanks to our heroes
Who answered the call

Welcome Home, Soldier
Welcome Home, Friend
We cherish the freedom
You help to defend
Welcome Home, Soldier
You're not alone
Your Nation's behind you
Welcome back home

Welcome Home, Soldier
Welcome back home

Lyrics David W. Folsom Music David W. Folsom
Producer Daniel Dennis at Prime Cut Studio Performance Sabrina Barringer
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Welcome Home, Soldier

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