Drug Letter

Song Length 4:06 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Detestable Subject Frustration, Crime, Theft
Similar Artists Eminem Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dear drugs, I hate you! And, let me tell you why,
Because every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie!
You don't care about anything. All you do is destroy
Families and lives, I bet anarchy is what you enjoy.
When it's the truth, you're a contortionist
And, when it's happiness, you're an extortionist.
Whoever gave birth to the idea of using
illegal drugs for fun, should've aborted it.
See, you probably started off as a recreational high
But, once the fun was done, they started needing you to get by.
And, I don't know when it began
but I wish that I could go back in time
to stop you from becoming the
center of fast money and crime.
Because once the populace adopted that
Profit could be a part of it,
You were in high demand, being such a hot commodity.
Once that ball started rolling,
There really was no stopping the
potential of every city becoming
a money making, metropolis.
And, on top of this, you've claimed lives,
Broken ties, sanctioned crime, but that's just a few of the reasons why
Controlled substances, I despise.

(Lortab, xanax, vicodin, smack,
methamphetamines, acid, extacy, and crack.
Got these people running after you trying to feel the rush
But once we start using you is when you begin abusing us.
Lortab, xanex, vicodin, smack,
methamphetamines, acid, extacy, and crack.
I bet you have never received a letter like this,
so I'm mailing it first-class and sealing it with a dis)!

You wanna know why I hate you so much?
It's really quite simple.
But if I listed all the reasons, I would
run out of lead in my pencil.
Yes, I have a personal vendetta.
You better be ready for
The unadulterated truth
without similes or metaphors.
You took away my mother by deteriorating her health
But you were praised by the pushers for accelerating their wealth.
My parents fell victim, and, soon
My immediate family
experienced the damaging havoc of your calamity.
But you don't care about the despair.
I bet you're thrilled when you kill.
All I hear is smoke me, snort me, inhale me,
Inject pop me, I'm a pill.
I'm ill and I'm still trying to deal with the pain
Until I die, then I won't cry
I'll finally see her again!
I bet you think this is funny,
while we're killing ourselves.
You're just the seasoning Satan uses
before he cooks us in hell.
I wish you were a physical being
So I could bury you under the dirt!
I wish that God would've never
allowed you onto this earth...Damn you!


I know that chasing after you
ends in suffering and death.
You stimulated dopamine receptors
until she couldn't help herself.
I know it was her choice and it's true,
She could've said no,
but it's also true that you didn't offer
a more positive route to go.
Even though she's already gone,
It's not too late for me to preach.
Sayonara to suffering when
God gave her a release.
She's at peace, and I hope this letter
makes it hard for you to sleep at night.
Disrespectfully and hatefully yours, Flava Hype!


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