Wine in a papercup

Song Length 3:09 Genre Pop - General


Wine in a Paper Cup

Silent is the night
Discreet the listening trees
The wind whispers me a warning
but it vanished with the breeze
When the picador strikes
And the bull cries
When the surgeon heals
But my lover dies

Oooh I feel out of place
Like wine in a paper cup
Oooh I feel out of place
Like wine in a paper cup
Paper cup paper cup paper cup paper cup

I only have questions!
Are you a wolf or the howl?
A tale with the last page missing or
The silent flight of the owl?
Bring me the smile of Mona Lisa
don`t you dare to steal her look

Hey this letter we forgot
about the innocence of a guilty man
Well, try to shake the hand of Captain Hook
or be a the darling of Peter Pan

Lyrics: Erwin de Ruiter/John Knight Music: Erwin de Ruiter May 2014

Lyrics Erwin de Ruiter/John Knight Music Erwin de Ruiter
Producer Stacy Hogan Performance Math Griffith

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