The Water

Song Description

A song about believing.

Song Length 3:45 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Subject Spirituality, Hope Era 2000 and later


If you think you feel it coming down
Raise your eyes from the ground
No brother, you're not mistaken
Your life will not be forsaken

There is hope
There is hope if you're broken
There is hope
Though you do not believe
There is hope
When your body is shaken
Be set free

There's a lighthouse
Burning bright in the dark
There's a fight, there's a fight to be won
As the ocean tumbles trials ashore
Your feet won't sink

You won't drown
Grab the branch of this tree
There's a fire propelling me
Join your voices, we'll shout to the clouds
As the rain comes down

Now go fly
To the bridge that you built
With your hands, all the blood that was spilled
You are ready to cross over this space
We're breaking away

Lyrics Emily Gatzke Music Emily Gatzke
Producer Emily Gatzke, Jared Norton Publisher Hopeful Sounds
Performance Emily Gatzke
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Rick Dean Smith Great Production 1/14/2018

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