Song Length 4:02 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English



Verse 1
What if I were to say to you
normal's fine if it's true
I can't believe you don't like you
You're sharing this world
with a million honey

verse 2
Kids to come and people gone
same mistakes
we all go wrong
but you're too shy
to sing along
come out of your shell and surf with me honey

Feel good feel good
cos your blood is racing
real good real good
cos you're life embracing
come out and fight and shine

verse 3
Come outside and check the beautiful view
Lifes unkind
but we are a few
who still will dream
the sky is blue
I'm laying my heart on the line for you honey


please understand the tripping and the falling around
please understand that's cool
Nowhere to go and nothing to live up to I know

and shine, and shine away, shine away away away

Lyrics D. Grffiths/D.Kaur Music D. Griffiths
Producer D. Griffiths
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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